Boards & Commissions

One Boards & Commissions of Telluride

There are many opportunities for citizen involvement in Town of Telluride decision making. Citizen volunteers sit on a variety of boards and commissions to help do the work of the Town and provide information and advice to staff, council, and other officials.

Current Board Openings

The Town of Telluride has the following current and upcoming vacancies on its Boards and Commissions.

Applications must be received by noon on Monday, March 26, 2018 for possible consideration at the next Town Council meeting, April 03, 2018. 

Board of Adjustment and Appeals
Applicants must be qualified electors and residents of the Town of Telluride for at least six months preceding appointment date. Members of the building trades are encouraged to apply. This board only meets as needed.
  • Five regular seats for a one or two year term
  • Two alternate seats for a one or two year term
Election Commission
Charged with all activities and duties required by the Telluride Home Rule Charter, ordinance or statute related to the conduct of elections in the Town. Where election procedure is in question, the Election Commission shall prescribe the procedure to be followed. Only meets as needed.
  • One regular seat for a two year term
Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission has the authority to issue advisory opinions, provide interpretations of the ethics code, investigate violations of the ethics code and recommend to Town council the imposition of sanctions, remedies and/or criminal enforcement of civil action regarding violations.
  • Two regular seats for a two year term
Open Space Commission
Requires applicants be qualified electors and residents of the Town of Telluride for at least one year preceding appointment date. This commission usually meets the first Monday of the month, from 4 - 6 pm.
  • One regular seat for a two year term
Parks and Recreation Commission
It is the duty of the Parks and Recreation Commission to interpret the needs and desires of the community for recreation and parks services. Usually meets the third Wednesday of the month at noon.
  • Two alternate seats for a two year term (County)
Telluride Regional Airport Authority
TRAA's Board of Commissioners is comprised of nine voting members, representing the county and municipalities which combined to create the Telluride Regional Airport Authority. 
  • One regular seat for a two year term​

Please note that Town Council may choose to appoint a sitting alternate to a regular seat vacancy. Should that occur, Council reserves the right to appoint any applicant to an alternate position.